Created and Performed by SArah McKinney, Janessa Johnsrude, and Maggie Lally

Does anyone care about the beavers? Maybe it's up to you to save them...

The city is going to approve a development and divert the river, destroying the habitat of the Beaver Sisters, a 3 part sister act bejeweled with tight harmonies and bedazzled in actual jewels. The Beavs decide to host a wayward telethon to raise support. Outcast dregs on the dark fringes of the woodlands, their love for one another subverts their fray and their mellifluous, yet somewhat perverse, ongoings keep them together…and how.

ON TOUR DECEMBER - Eureka, CA DEC. 14 / San Francisco, CA DEC. 17 / LA, CA Dec. 19

Photos by Terrence McNally