The Seminar with Madge and Taffy



creative consultinG Kaitlen Osburn 


" a hilarious story with a heart " ★★★★★

-Vue Weekly

A kaleidoscopic trip of epic synth-rock stylings that skyrockets from the conference room to the bomb ass surreal wilds of the demonic underworld through sublime projector art and a beautifully strange seminar of questionable veracity. Your eccentrically endearing hosts, Madge and Taffy of 'Sittendouche Industries", implore you to rid yourself of crippling emotional pain during their DREAM DUMP Seminar through their patented methods and super scientific anecdotes. Things begin to bend toward the sensationally outlandish when Madge uncovers a portal via the DREAM DUMP extraction device to an infernal casino teeming with demons and helpful shrimp buffets. The revelation of a dark secret (hint, it involves Russian lyrical dancers) pulls the curtain back on the past and threatens to tear Madge and Taffy’s friendship apart as a powerful demon lures them to his lair. A cosmic battle with the forces of evil ensues. 

The Seminar With Madge and Taffy uses elements of Commedia dell’Arte, Clown, Physical Theatre, Bouffon, Storytelling and shadow/projector puppetry to cascade through vividly imagined worlds in an irreverent yet enchanting theatrical event. 

In the latest move to push the boundaries of original stories and physical theatre, Glitter Gizzard looked to anecdotal pop-science as a pseudo-religious phenomenon and developed an interest in poorly thought out dogmatic ideologies meant to redesign the human experience, as well as the characters that preach them, as fodder for the play. Inspired by attending ridiculous and boring conferences and seminars, creators of the play Allie Menzimer (U.S.A.) and Janessa Johnsrude (Canada) explored the juxtaposition of the mundane and the surreal to create the world of the show.

Photographs by Arnista Photography & Terrence McNally

 Special thanks to Lynnie Horrigan (the Glitter Gizzard Angel), Brian and Jackie Johnsrude, Dell'Arte International, James Hildebrandt, Caitlin Volz, Chase Perkins, Pratik Motwani, Michael Fields, Joan Schirle, Fran Beatty, Lynne Owens, Johani Guererro, Stephanie Witzel, Claire Reynolds, Lauren Wilson, Sarah Peters, Laura Muñoz, Spike Foster, and James Peck.